This is the Hydra Console - a generic client for Hydra-powered Web APIs. The
user interface consists of three parts: the address bar on the top, this
response pane, and the documentation pane.

As the name suggests, the address bar allows you to enter an URL to access
the Web API. The response will then be rendered in the response pane and
in the pane to the right you'll find the corresponding documentation.

When you move your mouse over a property, the corresponding item in the
documentation will be highlighted. Additionally, a tooltip with the full IRI
of the property will be shown. If you move your mouse over a context
definition, the active context at that level will be shown.

All links are blue and underlined. To invoke an operation, simply click on
it and follow the instructions. If you want to browse an API and GET the
target of a link, simply press the SHIFT-key while clicking on a link.

To get started, enter the URL of the API in the address bar above and click
on "Load". If you wish, you can use the demo API featuring a simple issue
tracker at


Hydra API documentation not available.